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About Us

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San Andreas will provide an unshakeable foundation, where all students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate RESPECT for themselves and others. 

  • Lead SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE lifestyles.

  • Become lifelong learners that will RESPONSIBLY AND SUCCESSFULLY influence our world. 



San Andreas High School will provide a campus and classroom atmosphere that will enhance and will adapt a learning process to meet the needs and capacity of each student.



  • School-wide student goals are reviewed by San Andreas’ staff members as part of the ongoing monitoring process.  These goals (formerly Expected School-wide Learning Results/ESLRs) challenge students to:
  • Demonstrate comprehension in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics across all subject areas

  • Demonstrate improved attendance

  • Demonstrate a commitment to personal and academic success while developing career and life skills

  • Use technology to access curricula in all subject areas

  • Become effective communicators in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics